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The Sky 90  is an f/5.6 fluorite doublet of  500mm focal length. It has a retractable dewshield and 2" and  1.25" eyepiece adapters are included  as standard.  The Sky 90 is an excellent travel scope easily fitting into a standard 17" briefcase

Pictures show Tak bino-viewer on Sky 90 (left), 2"/1.25" components of  Sky 90(centre), Coronado 40mm Solamax H-Alpha filter on Sky 90, with Extender-Q barlow, extension tubes, and AP-Baader bino-viewer (right)





The Extender - Q, see charts above, is a photo-visual screwed barlow system, using standard T-thread extension tubes on the output. The basic barlow gives 1.2x increase in magnification, and each extension tube increases this by about the same factor. Note that we also offer a T-thead extension tube set (right), with 5,10,20 and 40mm, so that you can tune a CCD system.


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