FSQ106-ED on EM-200 Temma Mount

FSQ106-ED Specifications and part User-Guide


Above views show integrated MEF-3 micro-focuser, and capstan focus rotator

Click for  system charts:

Photo-Visual System Chart

Focal Reducer System Chart

Extender-Q System Chart



By using a Camera Adapter (CA35) to the back of  the instrument, one can attach a variety of  imaging cameras by use of  an appropriate 'Wide'  T-Ring, eg for a Canon EOS as in the above image. Note that the design distance from the back of  the CA35 to the chip or film plane, is around 56.5mm, or around 45.0 mm from the back of  the Wide T-Ring



The above two images show a True Technology SupaSlim filter wheel attached to the back of  the CA35.  By use of  a 'Large' aperture M54 plate on the front of  the wheel,   full frame CCD chips can be accommodated. For further pics and details click here.  In the right-hand image a M72 spacer (N0 81 = TKA31582) is used to push the CA35 out by some 17mm..  This enables the focal reducer to chip distance to be close to the optimum design distance for full aperture flat field.  For photo-visual system charts, see an abridged version of   the user manual here (pdf)

Note that the adapters recommended in the manual do NOT use maximum aperture solutions, typically using 2" push-fit components.  The solution that we propose above uses the CA35 from the 4",5" and 6" fluorite refractors, which is the TKA23201.  This adapter has a M72 input and a M54 (Wide 'T') output.



Because the FSQ106-ED is a very short instrument, with quite heavy objective, it is not so easy to achieve the balance point.  The above plate allows the cradle to be slighlty offset on the mounting, enabling perfect balance to be achieved.



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